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As already mentioned in the previous section, ProTeIn has successfully performed a number of projects supporting the public procurement and commercialization in the field of maritime ports and logistics. Some of these projects have required an in-depth assessment of the market-/business potentials as well as a financial modeling of the intended business venture:

     Transaction advisory in issuing concessions for the operation of 2 Container Terminals in Shahid Rajaee Port (about 3 mill TEU capacity)

     Transaction advisory in issuing a concession for the operation of a 2. Container Terminal of Mombasa Port to the private sector;

     Financial evaluation of a concession of the operation of towage services in Saudi Arabia under the authority of Petro Rabigh;

     Financial projection for Mombasa Port (Kenya Port Authority activities)

     Due diligence and financial evaluation of WUS Gydina (towage company) for the private investor;

     Technical advisor for HypoVereinsbank related to their engagement in Busan Newport Container Terminal Project;

     Due diligence of an oil terminal in the Port of Sillamäe for a private investor.


Sample: WUZ Gdynia was a Polish state owned towage company which was intended to be sold to the private sector. On behalf of a private client ProTeIn has carried out a full due diligence of the company and has elaborated a fully flagged financial analysis using state of the art financial modeling including risk simulation. A price and pricing strategy was elaborated for the client. Our client has successfully placed his price offer and has purchased the company with a price just 3% higher than the second ranked bidder. 

In the field of port planning, commercialization and operation we can also show a reasonable no. of international references:

     Beirut Port management assistance for the steel terminal implementation;
     Chabahar Port market study for container and general cargo handling;
     Luanda Container Terminal interim management of implementation of IT system;
     Lobito Container Terminal business plan;
     Port of Sillamäe planning of commercialization of container operation;
     Review and update of the Iran Masterplan for all commercial ports under the control of PMO; port masterplan;
     Saudia Arabia container market study and traffic forecast;
     Beirut Port strategic masterplanning for container and general cargo handling;
     Beirut Port operational planning for general cargo;
     Imam Khomeini Port Mineral Terminal mechanization study;
     Bushehr Port development studies;
     Negin Island feasibility study for a new container terminal;
     Negin Island feasibility study for a new oil product terminal;
     Yazd Dry Port masterplanning (operational part);
     Berbera Port tug boat operations planning;
     Shahid Rajaee Container Terminal 2. operational support.


Sample Planning Work: ProTeIn has elaborated five detailed studies for the conversion of the container terminal in Busheer Port from the current reachstacker operation towards RTG operation and, hence, to increase the capacity from about 200,000 TEU annually towards 350,000 TEU annually. The studies have covered the civil engineering aspects, the organization of operation and traffic, IT system conversion, required M&R system as well as commercial aspect.  An implementation plan was set up for medium- and long- term.

Sample market studies/forecasts: ProTeIn has elaborated a detailed market and competition study for the ports of Jeddah and Jubail (Saudi Arabia). Based on a detailed assessment of the current situation a capacity supply – demand model for the red sea region as well as for the Arabic gulf region was developed showing the expected market development until 2025. The results of the studies were used by a private operator for its decision making on the purchase of two container terminals.

Sample operational support: ProTeIn provides support for the operation of the 2. container terminal in Shahid Rajaee Port/Iran to a private client. ProTeIn has nominated a highly experienced team of operational experts who have carried out an audit of the current operational performance. Furthermore, based on this, they have defined an action plan for the improvement of the operational performance within 3 months. In the following, ProTeIn has implemented this action plan. Additionally, training courses were given to planning department,  shift supervisors and equipment drivers.

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