Supports in Public Procurement and Fund Raising


In public procurement, ProTeIn supports both sides of the value chain, the public institutions procuring construction works, goods and services as well as private suppliers participating in tender procedures for public procurement.

     For public institutions we provide our technical and institutional know-how:

      For setting up a formal eligible tender procedure;

      For writing the terms of reference, technical specifications or other technical and formal documents;

      For supporting the tender procedure by answering questions of the tenderer or by evaluating the technical bid;

      During contract negotiation between the public authority and the successful private supplier.

     For the private sector we support the following:

      Provision of information about actual tender procedures in the field of clients` interest, background information 


       the procuring institution and the relevant supply as well as the tender documents;

      Supplier/service provider registrations;

      Elaboration of a formally correct technical and financial bid;

      Elaboration of technical details of the offer;

      Timely delivery of client’s bid;

      Formal and legal activities may be required in the public procurement case.

In the field of fund raising we provide a similar portfolio for the private sector as for public procurement, e.g. the provision of actual calls for funding, the elaboration of a technical and financial proposal required for participating in certain funding projects as well as formal and legal advisory.

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